Our Launch

Koumozo ouzo aniseed aperitif

OUR launch

The launch of our family legacy. Join with us on our new Koumozo adventures together.

It was the the night of nights at Elaia. A cold, wet and windy night wasn’t enough to deter the excitement or dampen the spirits. In fact it added to it. Nothing like a Tassie winter night, the celebration of a Launceston institution and the launch of Koumozo to make for a wonderful, magical, high spirited winters evening.

We were thrilled to be surrounded by our team, family, friends, fellow hospitality operators and of course our new friends as we embark on our new Koumozo adventures together.

Who would have thought that a spirit traditionally made in Greece would be made right here in Tasmania.   Koumozo we think is next level, not because it’s better, but because it’s made in a unique part of the world. It’s made using local botanicals and the final product is a refined, sophisticated version of the cultural drink of Greece.   We think we’ve got something really special here and it’s not just about the Ouzo, but putting Tasmania on the map on a global level yet again for producing a world class product. 

Tonight is a celebration, not just of our new product, but of Elaia celebrating 25 years in Launceston but also acknowledging each and every one you that has played a major part in our lives over the years.  Whether your family, friends, guests, suppliers, members of our community, fellow hospo owners you’ve all contributed one way or another with your generosity, integrity, compassion and hospitality.  This my friends is what Koumozo is all about.  It’s about Filotimo a Greek word that doesn’t translate well but represents everything and everyone in this room tonight.  Generosity and friendship.

It was about 12 months ago when my mum told me the stories of my late father’s distillery and his success.   Fascinated by his entrepreneurship, I set out to find out as much as I could and it was about that time where we met with some friends who own their own distillery and immediately started talk of making the first Tasmanian Ouzo.

After painstaking effort to find relatives that worked with dad that could possibly remember the recipe, as they are now in the 90’s and with Mike and Peter doing research and testing of their own, we came up with a pretty unique ouzo.

Our finished product is a family legacy originating in Greece, being brought to life as a tribute to my father who made Tasmania his home.

A heartfelt thankyou to Bill & Lynn Lark who attended our Koumozo Launch and to Bill who gave Koumozo the most amazing tasting notes and humbling address. Warmest gratitude and love to our new friends Michael Stevens and Peter Hayes. Thankyou for your filotimo and for making this happen.

Now we’re family…